Reclassify monkey dust as a Class A drug

Monkey dust is ruining lives and blighting our city.

The horrific drug is too cheaply and readily available in Stoke-in-Trent. It is hallucinogenic and extremely dangerous with reports of people jumping off buildings, eating through glass, lighting fires and even dropping dead as a result of taking it.

It ruins lives, tears families apart, and leads to anti-social behaviour in our city.

I’m pleased that Stoke-on-Trent has been allocated £5.3 million from the government to tackle drug misuse and help addicts with their treatment and recovery.

However, we also need to urgently reclassify monkey dust as a Class A drug to choke off its supply; drive up its cost; and increase the consequences for gangs and dealers.

Currently, it is a Class B drug which means you’d get a sentence of 14 years and a fine if you make it or supply it. If it becomes a Class A drug, you’d face up to life in prison, meaning that those supplying and producing monkey dust can receive the harshest of sentences.

We need a rounded approach to kick drugs out of our city, and that includes a combination of treatment and recovery support alongside harsher sentences for dealers.

Please help me reclassify monkey dust as a Class A drug by signing this petition to government.

Reclassify Monkey Dust Petition

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