Brexit update

Jack's latest update on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union:


I am pleased the new Prime Minister has stated that the UK must leave the EU on the 31st October. I did not vote to delay the Brexit date in the first place, and I would certainly not vote to extend the deadline further.


Clearly, a deal with the EU would be preferable to not having a deal, but it is obvious that we need to prepare properly for the possibility of a no-deal situation. It has been my view throughout deal or no deal we must leave, respecting the wishes of the British people and the vast majority of people living in Stoke-on-Trent.


The new Chancellor of the Exchequer has confirmed all necessary funding will be provided to prepare for a no-deal scenario. A total of £1.1 billion is being allocated immediately and a further £1 billion will be available if required. Changes to tax rules will also help to boost productivity and increase competitiveness if no deal is the outcome. EU citizens' rights will be guaranteed in all circumstances.


Most businesses I visit in our city tell me that, deal or no deal, they just want certainty and to get on with it. Furthermore, most people I speak to in my constituency do not have a strong preference about how we leave, but believe it is vital for our democracy that the wishes of the majority are carried out. I believe the new Government has injected fresh energy into the Brexit process, and I am confident that we will finally leave on October 31st.