Bet365 Stadium made key Covid-19 regional testing centre

Bet365 Stadium car park upgraded from ‘satellite’ to ‘regional’ testing centre
Anyone requesting a test will now be able to access Bet365 testing centre, rather than just frontline NHS and council workers


International Trade victory for British ceramics

Ceramics manufacturers and local politicians have declared the new UK Global Tariff a major victory for the industry, and a vital step towards securing its future in Stoke-on-Trent.


Personally Speaking: Let Captain Tom be an example to us all

When the lockdown rules to fight Coronavirus were first imposed by the Government just over three weeks ago, I heard lots of people commenting about how much this situation harks back to the War and the Blitz.  We are certainly in a battle, but this is a battle against a silent and invisible kill

Personally Speaking: Tackling Coronavirus

For most of us, the Coronavirus situation has suddenly become very real and I know many people will be extremely worried.  I imagine that you, like I, recall the first reports of this story early in the new year, firstly as an outbreak of a new disease in rural China, then by news that it had spr

Personally Speaking: New Free School crucial for our city

I have written in this column before about how we need to be more ambitious as a city, this is none more so than for our children and young people.  Every person in our city should have the ability to achieve and be their best.