Injunctions welcomed against antisocial behaviour in Meir

Stoke-on-Trent South MP Jack Brereton has welcomed the granting of full civil injunctions against eight youths responsible for a spate of disorder and antisocial behaviour in the Meir area.  The court's award of full injunction follows eight interim injunctions granted earlier this year.

Commenting, Jack Brereton said:

"It is very reassuring to my constituents in Meir that the injunctions obtained against eight juveniles responsible for antisocial behaviour across the Meir area have been confirmed by the court. I have campaigned to bring together agencies in Meir to tackle the antisocial behaviour that we have seen on the rise locally and I am pleased to see these efforts succeed.

"I congratulate Staffordshire Police for their determination in holding to account those who would harm our community, damaging property and terrorising local residents.

"It is only by close partnership working with the City Council, school leaders and volunteer groups that criminal and antisocial behaviour will be driven out of our neighbourhoods. The full civil injunctions granted this week signify that antisocial behaviour is not tolerated in Stoke-on-Trent and perpetrators will face the consequences of their actions."