Jack Welcomes ban on cold-calling

Jack Brereton MP yesterday called on the Government to address the challenges his constituents face when making choices about the future of their pensions. In particular, Jack focused on three mains challenges: the challenge of accessibility to pension advice, the challenge of switching and getting the best from pensions schemes, and the shocking victimisation of vulnerable people by pension scammers.


Speaking in the debate, Jack said:

“The accessibility of free independent advice has in some cases been woefully limited, not enough people are currently accessing the free independent advice that is available. I welcome that the Government proposes to create a single guidance body, this will make it much clearer for our constituents to know where they can turn for the best advice in managing their finances for the future.

“I am delighted that as part of this the Government has proposed measures to ban the use of cold calling around pensions and financial services, putting a stop to opportunities for rogue companies to target often vulnerable people. This is in the consumer’s interests, it is the sign of a Government being on the side of hardworking savers.”