Minister visits Stoke campaign group with candidate Jack

A Home Office Minister has visited a Stoke-based campaign group which tackles the scourge of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Sarah Newton MP, who is Minister for Vulnerability, Safeguarding and Countering Extremism, spent time meeting representatives from Voice of Hope.

Voice of Hope was setup two years ago by Ann Grainger and raises awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking through training and education. 

The group also offers support to victims so they can overcome the traumatic experience and help restore their lives.

The meeting was setup by Jack Brereton, Conservative by-election candidate for Stoke-on-Trent Central, who attended along with Sarah. 

Sarah Newton said: Sarah Newton said: “I’m grateful Jack set up this meeting, so I could talk with Anne and Joseph and learn more about the work they do tackling these atrocious crimes in Staffordshire. 

“As Jack was born and bred in Stoke, works in Stoke and is a leading Councillor he really understands Stoke. He knows how important it is to encourage victims of hidden crimes, like these, to come forward and seek help. 

I was particularly interested to hear about the work that Voice of Hope are doing with local businesses. Helping them understand the important role they have to play in stamping out modern slavery, trafficking and exploitation from their supply chains."

“The passion and dedication of the Voice of Hope team is impressive."

Jack Brereton said: “I’ve known about Voice of Hope for some time and they do some great things on modern slavery and human trafficking and that is why I wanted Sarah to hear more about their work.

“Action on crime is part of my five point plan for Stoke and groups like Voice of Hope are a vital part of helping us create safer streets and communities.”