Jack Brereton steps up campaign to eliminate killer drug Monkey Dust

Stoke-on-Trent South MP Jack Brereton has taken his campaign against novel psychoactive substances to the Home Office.  He met with the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, to call for the urgent reclassification of ‘monkey dust’ to mitigate the devastating impact the drug is having on users and local co

EU Withdrawal Agreement

Jack Brereton MP:


Tonight, MPs voted in the House of Commons on the EU Withdrawal Agreement.


Personally Speaking - cracking down on gang violence

In the last few weeks we have seen stabbings in Meir and Fenton. Thankfully these incidents are relatively rare here and the fact this shocks us is perhaps a good thing for our city. However, it is essential that shocking crimes like this are treated with the seriousness they deserve.