Personally Speaking: Upholding our values

As I write this column, it strikes me that for the first time in months, the main recurring story in the news is not only related to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Whatever your view, it is undeniable that the death of George Floyd, and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests around the world have

Statement: Dominic Cummings

Since last weekend, I have been contacted by hundreds of constituents about the Prime Minister’s adviser Dominic Cummings, and the allegations that he broke the Government’s lockdown rules.


Personally Speaking: Let Captain Tom be an example to us all

When the lockdown rules to fight Coronavirus were first imposed by the Government just over three weeks ago, I heard lots of people commenting about how much this situation harks back to the War and the Blitz.  We are certainly in a battle, but this is a battle against a silent and invisible kill

Personally Speaking: Tackling Coronavirus

For most of us, the Coronavirus situation has suddenly become very real and I know many people will be extremely worried.  I imagine that you, like I, recall the first reports of this story early in the new year, firstly as an outbreak of a new disease in rural China, then by news that it had spr

Personally Speaking: New Free School crucial for our city

I have written in this column before about how we need to be more ambitious as a city, this is none more so than for our children and young people.  Every person in our city should have the ability to achieve and be their best.

Personally Speaking: Levelling Up

I am sure almost everyone at some stage has heard the Prime Minister talking about ‘levelling up’, rebalancing the life chances across our country.  At first glance this might mean improving things, such as our public services, our town centres and our transport networks.  Since heading back to W

Personally Speaking: Get Brexit Done!

I try to avoid too much mention of Brexit in my column here.  People are sick and tired of delay, and no amount of newsprint will change that. I believe most people whether they voted leave or remain just want us to get on with it and respect the democratic result.


Personally Speaking: We should be proud of our help for Lidice

There has been a lot of discussion in the media over the past week about what we MPs actually do in Parliament. I am going to tell you about something which you definitely will not have seen on the rolling news coverage, but is something of which we Stokies should be incredibly proud.